SENSUAL ESSENCE – Deep Nourishing Mineral Conditioner, 350 ml


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Feel the sensation of a truly lightweight, silky smooth Vegan hair conditioner that allows your hair to be light, manageable and maintain its volume.

*Amazingly light, doesn’t bog your hair down and allows it to flow freely.

*Helps maintain proper hydration levels by both hydrating and retaining moisture throughout the day.

*As you run your fingers through your finished dry hair you’ll know this is the one.

Scent ~ A nice gentle fragrance of chamomile and green tea are waiting for you now.

Feel ~ The sensation of silk as you caress your newly conditioned hair.

See ~ The shimmer of your hair return as it hits the sunlight for the first time after use.

Massage into clean moist hair and let stand for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse well with water.


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