For Men Kit – Mineral Shaving Cream and After Shave Duo


Finally, a natural Vegan shaving cream that feels amazing as your razor glides right over your face with none of the normal irritations that are literally such a pain.Then finish your look with the vegan after shave that is getting rave reviews because it flat out works where the others leave you wanting. It doesn’t give a false shine, instead it leaves your face with that rugged matt finish that is so coveted today. Quality mens products that work.

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Active Moisturizer After Shave -No. 851 100 ml
Feel the invigoration and added smoothness of this Vegan moisturizing after shave

*Helps protect your skin from any of the nicks or abrasions from shaving.

*Look great – leaves your face with a fantastic normal matt finish so that it’s not overly shiny at all.

*Experience the sensation of fresh.

Scent ~ A neutral scent that won’t compete with your chosen cologne of the day.

Feel ~ Its instant energizing qualities invigorate you after your shave.

See ~ The smooth fresh look of its non-shiny, rugged matt finish.

Mineral Shaving Cream -No. 861 150 ml
Feel your razor glide along smooth as silk while your face is protected and moisturized at the same time by this Vegan Mineral Shaving Cream.

*Calms and relaxes the skin so that the razor can travel smoothly.

*Provides a feeling of freshness and renewal

*Soften the skin leaving it feeling younger and suppler.

Scent ~ Experience the calming natural scents of ginger and ginseng that don’t leave you overly fragrant and won’t compete against your chosen cologne of the day.

Feel ~ Your razor shaving you closely and cleanly but without the normal irritation associated with shaving.

See ~ The super close shave that really looks great.


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