INFINITE MOTION – Mineral Aqua Perfection Face Moisturizer – Oily Skin, 50 ml


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Enriched with Precious Dead Sea Mineral Complex, this Vegan cream infuses the skin with natural active ingredients that repair and maintain the skins moisture barrier and regenerate the epidermis giving it the feeling of a nice soft plumpness reminiscent of youth.

• Its ‘aqua like texture’ penetrates the skin immediately and hydrates it perfectly with a satiny finishing effect.

• Enhances your skins glow and radiance with a seductive satiny shimmer that is ‘oh so alluring’.

• Helps retain the skins moisture throughout the day and allows for full rehydration of any losses at night.

SCENT: A light, clean (almost non-scent) that is quite refreshing and doesn’t compete with any of your daily chosen fragrances.

SEE: The hydrating effects as your skin becomes full and tight. FEEL: The satiny sensation as you caress the skin noticing the appreciable changes.

Apply a thin layer daily on the cleaned skin of the face and neck gently massaging in until fully absorbed.


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