RE DEFINE – Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel – 200ml


Feel refreshed day and night with this Vegan Deep purifying Cleansing Gel that lifts away all the pollutants and other skin aggressors that bombard you all day and the oils that build up all night.

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*Experience the amazing sensation of fresh, as your skin is cleansed of all the extra weight it’s had to carry with it all day.

*Invigorate yourself with your morning cleanse as you prepare for your day.

*Feel the softness of your new clean skin that was hidden under the buildup that we all acquire.

Scent ~ An ultra-soft fragrance that is non-competitive with your favorite fragrances.

See ~ Your cleansed non-oily skin radiate with its natural youthful glow.

Feel ~ A pleasant clean, refreshed tightness in your skin that shows you how purified it’s become.


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