SENSUAL ESSENCE – Intense Volumizing Mud Shampoo, 350 ml


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Feel the sensation of an incredibly unique Vegan Volumizing Mud Shampoo based on Dead Sea Minerals that draw out the impurities of the scalp all while nourishing it and providing antioxidant UV exposure protection.*Hydrates the scalp that’s been damaged by harsh chemical products and leaves the hair amazingly volumized.

*Volumizes without weighing your hair down, hair feels nice, light and soft.

*Works well for treating dandruff or dry scalp.

Scent ~ A wonderful fragrance profile that literally feels like nature in a bottle.

Feel ~ Soft, rich hair that has plenty of volume and control.

See ~ Your hair shine and take on a healthy glow reminiscent of your youth.

Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo on wet hair, massage into a lather and rinse away thoroughly.


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