SERENITY LEGEND – Aromatic Balancing Body Scrub – Ocean, 450 gr


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Feel this amazing Vegan body scrub go to work with its Dead Sea Salt grains and aromatic oils easily removing even the most stubborn dead skin patches that may have been hampering your look all along.

*With these salts originating 417 meters below sea level, the exfoliation experience they provide is unparalleled in the industry.

*Feel even the most problematic dead skin patch areas disappear.

*See new skin uncovered, maybe for the very first time.

Feel ~ The crystalline micro-structures gently scrub away all of your unwanted dead skin, impurities and buildup.

See ~ A reduction in the signs of aging with continued usage.

2 to 3 times per week massage into skin until cleansed and then rinse away with water.


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