SERENITY LEGEND – My Dead Sea Spa Duo Moisturizers

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Your hands and feet take a beating that can only be repaired with a fantastic combination of hand and foot moisturizers that really help seal off the affected area so that healing may begin while simultaneously moisturizing them to their cores.

Hand Moisturizer – 100 ml
Feel the silky-smooth moisturizer that helps neutralize toxins and protect skin from the ravages of environmental pollutants.
*Experience the protectiveness of the Dead Sea Mineral base as it combats the elements that attack your skin every day.
*Revel in the sensation of your hands feeling silky smooth and moisturized all while being shielded form both household and outside skin antagonists.
*Watch as fine lines at wrinkles are lessoned by its naturally superior moisturizing effects.
Scent ~ Take in the soft subtle, lovely scents of butter and honey.
Feel ~ Your hands becoming smoother and softer from the very first use.
See ~ The fine lines and wrinkles dissipate into the background as smoother skin emerges.
Foot Nourishing Cream – 100 ml
Feel the soothing repair and rejuvenation of cracked, rough or dry skin as the Relaxing Foot Nourishing Cream helps both repair and protect your needy feet.
*Helps work to prevent unpleasant foot odors by healing and protecting your depleted foot areas.
*Protects against further dryness by both moisturizing and sealing in needed moisture before it dissipates.
*The Precious Dead Sea Minerals help nourish, protect and draw out the unwanted toxins that might just be at the root of the problem to begin with.
Scent ~ Enjoy the soft natural scents of honey and butter.
Feel ~ The welcome relief of healing.
See ~ Visible results with continued daily use.


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