SERENITY LEGEND – Relaxing Foot Nourishing Cream – 100ml


Feel the soothing repair and rejuvenation of cracked, rough or dry skin as the Relaxing Foot Nourishing Cream helps both repair and protect your needy feet.

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*Helps work to prevent unpleasant foot odors by healing and protecting your depleted foot areas.

*Protects against further dryness by both moisturizing and sealing in needed moisture before it dissipates.

*The Precious Dead Sea Minerals help nourish, protect and draw out the unwanted toxins that might just be at the root of the problem to begin with.

Scent ~ Enjoy the soft natural scents of honey and butter.

Feel ~ The welcome relief of healing.

See ~ Visible results with continued daily use.

Precious Dead Sea Mineral Complex ~ from the lowest point on the earth’s surface at – 417 meters below sea level which helps maintain optimal hydration levels by enhancing the skins ability to retain moisture.

Vitamin A ~ Vitamin A important in the renewal of the skin so that you can replace the old damaged with a healthy look , new, young skin.

Vitamin B ~ Helps the skin hold on to moisture by creating an evaporation barrier that also helps protect against environmental damages.

Vitamin E ~ A powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize the free radicals before they can exact their damaging toll on your skin causing it to appear older before your time.

Vitamin F ~ Also known as Omega Fatty Acids. soften the skin naturally by promoting optimal skin balance.

Shea Butter ~ Contains a huge concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that make it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin.

Beeswax ~ Well known for its anti-bacterial ability in nature. fights chapped dry skin. It coats and soothes the skin sealing in moisture without clogging up the pores.

Aloe Vera ~ contains Auxin and Gibberellins which provide soothing and calming properties that help reduce skin irritations.

Plant Extracts:

Arnica Montana Extract ~ A natural calming extract that helps with skin disorders and dandruff like conditions.

Plant Oils:

Sesame Oil Rich in linoleic acid and vitamins, act as an effective moisturizer and improves skin rejuvenation.

Wheat Germ Oil ~ Nourish the skin due it its essential fatty acid profile and impressive quantity of Vitamin E.


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