SERENITY LEGEND – Shower Gel & Body Lotion Duo – Milk & Honey – 350ml*2


The perfect Serenity Legend Duo of Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel and an Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion – Milk & Honey

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Soft & Fresh Moisturizing Shower Gel (No. 743, 350 ml)

Prevent aging skin caused by harmful chemical-based shower gels, while leaving your skin nourished, soft, and smooth. Best vegan body wash. Milk & Honey fragrance

*Fantastic, vegan clean feeling that soothes rather than irritates.

*Set the bar for other products by giving them a clean, silky base on which to act.

*Remove the unwanted layer of pollution, toxins, dirt and residue that builds up during the day, nourishing, soothing and preparing the skin for more intense treatments.

Scent ~ A clean, delicate fragrance that rinses off easily, leaving no perfume residue and allowing you to move on to other products.

Appearance ~ Dirt and oils disappear as they are rinsed from the skin.

Feel ~ Your skin is clean and ready like never before.

Aromatic Refreshing Body Lotion (No. 732, 350 ml)

This amazing vegan lotion nourishes your skin into a perfectly moisturized sensation of soft, silky and smooth. Best body lotion for dry skin.

* Restore your skin’s moisture levels at any time of the day, replenishing moisture lost to the sun, wind and other elements.

*Enjoy the feeling of comfort in your skin as the suppleness of your youthful days returns and you regain your strength.

* Feel how these fantastic ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no unwanted residue.

Scent ~ Enjoy the light fragrance of ylang ylang and patchouli.

Appearance ~ Wrinkles and lines on your body begin to disappear and smooth away.

Feel ~ The silky, rich texture feels like a pure cream and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any unwanted residue.


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