TIME CONTROL – Advanced Regenerating Firming Cream, 50 ml


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Feel your skin firm and plump as the oval shape of your face is redrawn while wrinkles and fine lines diminish.

*Helps prevent sagging skin, for a more youthful firmed and tightened skin.

*Its firming effects help to dramatically smooth lines and wrinkles as the skin also fills out with proper hydration.

*Skin rejuvenation that you can feel due to the interaction of the precious mineral complex and essential fatty acids naturally occurring in its plant oil sub-formula.

Scent ~ With a nice clean scent it’s nearly fragrance free and won’t compete at all with your chosen fragrance of the day.

See ~ Your skin visibly plump restoring sagging or loosening skin.

Feel ~ The skin regain its tightness as it firms with the multi action moisture delivery and retention system.

Apply a daily thin layer on the cleaned skin of the face and neck, massaging until fully absorbed.


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