TIME CONTROL – Multi Active Facial Serum – 50ml


Bring back your skins moisture and balance with this Vegan formula as you feel your skins moisture locked in all day helping to eliminate dry patches and even out your skins problem areas.

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*Your morning application of the serum helps the skin to hold on to is critically essential moisture throughout the day.

*Your night time application allows the skin uptakes the nutrients using them to rebuild, repair and rejuvenate from the days stresses and environmental, sun and toxic exposures.

*Acts as an activator helping compound the effects of other creams you may be using to help them in the areas of wrinkle reduction and skin tightening, so that you end up looking even better than either could do on their own.

Scent ~ The soft, subtle fragrance will blend perfectly with any fragrance you choose for the day and won’t compete with it at all.

See ~ The reduction in dry skin areas that may have been problematic for you in the past.

Feel~ The sensation of all day hydration and nighttime rejuvenation combined.


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